Mental Health

The best source of information, services and advice for all mental health wellbeing, types of mental health issues and stories from local people who have experienced them is Hull and East Yorkshire Mind.

How does mental health affect wellbeing?

We all have mental health. It is common for us all to experience mental health issues throughout our lifetime. These could be passing moments of stress, sadness, fears and more. It might be triggered by our environment, family life or it could be biological, from medications, drugs, alcohol or physical illness. Being mentally healthy can mean we are happier, more productive, outgoing and helpful to others. When we start to experience issues, it can have negative impacts on our lifestyle.

How can I improve my wellbeing?

The first step towards being mentally healthy, is to recognise any issues you may be experiencing, and what is causing them. Mental Health is an umbrella term for hundreds of emotional and mind issues and illnesses. We each experience these differently, so it is important to reach out when you need help and talk about what you are feeling. By doing so, you can understand your own individual mental health and will be better prepared to improve your wellbeing on your own terms.

Use the services below to find support:

How to help others

Children and teenagers

Our experiences when we are young can affect our mental health as adults, so it is important to teach children to be mentally healthy. Many events can trigger mental health issues, such as bullying, stressful situations like exams and moving home, transition between schools or hormones. Online services such as RiseAbove and help young people understand mental health as well as answer general health and sex related questions they may feel too embarrassed to talk about with parents and carers. Search for mind services in find wellbeing and filter to age range to find services and fun social groups for young people.

Friend or family member

Try to keep in touch with family and friends regularly. If one or both are you are busy and meeting up is not possible, just a quick phone call or text could make a difference. If you are concerned about their wellbeing, there are many websites, such as Mind, that has advice on how to approach various mental health issues in a friendly, relaxed way to help others.

I'm a professional

Use the Mind website for all forms of mental health. For older people, try Make Every Contact Count (MECC). East Riding residents can access free online therapy for mental health conditions on IESO.

Wellbeing in the workplace

Making sure your employees are mentally healthy can help create a positive and productive work environment. While it may be impossible to guard against all triggers of mental health issues, as people all react individually, there are many helpful resources that can provide training, helpful posters and general wellbeing advice for businesses. Search Find Wellbeing for workplace related services for more information and resources.